Vacation Hotel / Dog boarding services

Enjoy peace of mind while on the move

He left the city but can not take his puppy with you? Although it would be wonderful to take our dogs with us, it is not always possible. The-walking pets offers safe, fun and reliable dog accommodation services at night. With us, your dog will not be caged and will enjoy a full day of fun. We will make sure that your dog has the best time of his life during his stay!

What is included with your stay

Your puppy will be busy with the fun from sunrise to sunset. With Us your pet enjoy playing all day and end each night in their individual space in comfortable cribs with wool blankets. You can be sure that you are having as much fun, if not more, than you.

With The-walking pets, you get the best attention at the best price because your puppy’s stay includes:

  • All Day Play
  • GPS
  • Free Cage
  • Medicine Administration if your dog need it
  • 3 Walking per day


  • Per day $50 per day  (each additional dog from same household + $30.00)