About Us

Walking pets was created from the need and feeling of ourselves, we are an animal loving family and we own 4 dogs and two cats;  according to our experience, we know how necessary it is to have help with our pets when we are busy with our jobs or when we go on a trips, in our case it was an impossible mission, and even though we looked for many options, we wanted  Something else we wanted our pets to feel loved and cared for when we were not around, in all cases the service we found only wanted money and didn’t care for the animals and we noticed that our pets did not enjoy our absence.  For a long time and after failed attempts, we decided to be the helping hand we seek and offer a service to our furry friends and their owners. we do not see or feel the walking pets as a simple business that produces money, we interpenetrate with pets and in many cases we help with a tip to make life easier for your pet, we help you understand behaviors, etc.  Our intention is to release the owners a little of some of the responsibilities, our services are based more on pets than on owners, our main objective in all our services is that the pet likes to be with us,  animals are pure of heart and it is very easy to realize if your pet has a good time with their caregivers or not.  In our case, our hairy clients show us their love with their happy tails and purrs.

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