Pets sitting

Going away on holiday or business?

  • Have tickets for that big event?
  • Going to dog shows? Need a dog sitter for your other dogs and animals?
  • Who will feed, walk and love your dogs as you do?
  • Worried about your elderly dog and medication?
  • Going away and leaving your home is hard and can be stressful for both you and your dogs. Having a dog sitting service enables your dogs to stay at home and continue with their familiar routine – you’re the-walking Pets will love your dog, give them the affection and stimulation they need, with lots of walks and company the whole time.
  • Whether you have large dogs or small dogs, pet dogs or working dogs (or somewhere in between) The-walking Pets sitter will:

Care for them all at your home whether they sleep on your bed, in the kitchen or in a kennel

Continue their normal routine

Follow their daily routine in their own surroundings

Feed them their usual food at the usual times

Administer any medication or special diets as required

Continue with any puppy training and take them to their classes when necessary

Provide security for your home by “being there” with your dogs nearly 24 hours a day


Your dogs will be exercised exactly to your specification and have the exercise you want them to have, in the places you want them to go. Whether they need lots of exercise or are on restricted exercise due to age or ill health your dog sitter will follow your instructions.

An The-walking Pets will care for ALL the other pets/animals you have while house sitting your home – keeping it tidy, watering your plants, keeping the garden ticking over and handling any emergencies quickly and professionally. Because they are there nearly all of the time they also considerably enhance the security of your home.

Result = Happy and stress free dogs + Happy and stress free you!

Specialist Dog Sitting Services


– We have had a number of clients who have wanted a dog sitter to look after their dogs during their wedding. The-walking Pets /dog sitter can even bring them to the venue for photos etc. Then take them back to your home and care for them while the family are at the reception and of course while you are away on honeymoon.


– Owners of boarding kennels also need a break occasionally so why not arrange for an The-walking Pets to stay, look after your home animals and keep the kennels running when you can’t.


– Clients who are involved in showing, shooting, sheepdog trials or dog agility need to go away often and need the animals remaining at home to be looked after. Your dog sitter can also look after ALL your other animals and your home when you can’t.

Health problems

– The-walking Pets can follow your instructions and continue any treatment your dogs need, keep their condition under observation, and call in the vet if their condition causes concern. Insulin injections can be administered to diabetic dogs, post-operative care can be arranged, epilepsy monitored and managed. We will carefully select an The-walking Pets with the appropriate dog sitting experience for your dogs particular requirements.

Whelping and puppy care can also be arranged. Whatever the situation, just call us to discuss and we can find the right dog sitter for you.


  • Per day $15 per Hour  (each additional pet from same household + $5.00)