Pets Taxi

Go to the Doctor

If your animal needs to go to the vets, we can collect you and your animal, take you to the vets, wait with you/assist you, take you back home again. If you are unable to go with your animal due to illness/mobility or other reasons we can take your animal and will pass on any concerns.

Pets to Travel

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time, you should not have to miss out because you have not transported. We can take you and your dog to any destination you would like to go. We collect you on your required date, take it to your holiday destination and collect it again on your specified date.



Why us are the best option ?

The most important! We never leave your pets in the hands of third parties

Our pet taxi service is ideal for pet owners who do not have a suitable method of transport and need to take their pets to the vets or any other destination.

Your pet will be transported in a van, fully fitted with secure cages, ensuring maximum safety throughout the journey.

The walking-pets, we know that your pets are a very special part of your family, and we treat them that way; with respect, love, and care.

We provide ground pet transportation service nationwide for your love pets.

You may prefer to keep your car clean and free from pet hair or you may just not have the time to take your pet where it needs to go.

You may not drive and taxi drivers can be very reluctant to carry pets in their vehicles.

We provide a pet taxi service where we can help you with home relocation, take your pet to and from the vet, cattery, kennels, grooming.

We can even represent you at the vet and provide you with a report of the vet’s instructions. In fact, we can arrange transport from and to anywhere in the UK.

We deliver to and pick up from vets, groomers, kennels, catteries, your home, or just about anywhere else

The cost of this service will be advised on request as is dependent on the length and time of the journey required for your pet taxi.

The amount of people and animals we carry depends on specific requirements.